Telecoms Stations and ATM

Depending on scale and locations, our Solar PV or Diesel PV Hybrid Solutions are highly effecient and reliable for banks ATMs, telecom site, base stations, data centers etc.

Commercial Rooftop Solar

For commercial building like malls, bank, hotels, complexes, event centers etc we provide rootop solar solutions that reduce running cost for clients and ensure a reliable and highly efficient power supply. We will p[rovide the technical support in upgrading your Diesel generator to a Diesel-PV hybrid system. We also provide funding avenues for commercuial projects from 100kW - 1MW


  • It guarantees stable power supply 24hrs daily, all year round
  • It reduces operational cost from diesel, thereby yielding returns for the clients
  • It improves the performance and operational life circle of the generator set, if integrated
  • It protects our clients from unplanned increase in costs resulting from scarcity or increased fuel price

Municipal Solid Waste Management (Waste-To-Energy Plants)

For drop off waste centers, we carry out a complete assessment and then design the best system that will effectively turn a waste center to a clean energy generating power station from Biogas and PV Modules.

Power Utilities

In off-grid and weak grid locations, we offer utilies the most cost effective solutions through hybrid and utility scale power solutions. With our foreign partners, we also provide EPC and financing support for utility scale projects from 1MW - 100MW. The sun is the light of the world and solar is the path...

All banks ATMs and telecom stations should run on stand-alone solar PV or diesel-PV hybrid systems for optimum and uninterruped operation, independent of the weather condition or economic situation at any given time.

Onyx Solar's Accredited Installer

Green Building Solutions for LEED Certification Let your building walls start generating free energy for you!! VPS Energy ...Onyx Solar Accredited Installer for Solar PV Glass.

Contact us for your inquires on solar PV glass from Onyx. ...Onyx Solar is the world leading manufacturer of transparent solar PV glass for building facades, canopies, curtain walls, terrace floor and others.

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